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Solana Beach Chamber Members

  • A’ LaFin Skincare
    (619) 743-6096
    722 Genevieve Street, Suite #P Solana Beach, CA, USA

    Angela Lafin began her career as a Medical Aesthetician at a high-end medical spa and wellness facility in 2004. This opportunity gave her access to the highest quality of training with medical grade equipment and products while still allowing her to take a holistic approach to skincare.
    Angela's treatments are always a fusion of luxury and efficacy. Working with intention to heal the skin and the spirit by incorporating top of the line organic or lab created products and blending ancient with cutting-edge techniques and modalities.
    Her specialties include: Manual Lymphatic Drainage (Internationally Certified), clinical herbology, anti-ageing, acne, stress reduction, chakra balancing, energy healing (Reiki attuned).
    Driven by her passion for Esthetics, she was nationally certified as a Master Esthetician by 2008, which required over 600 hours of post graduate education coupled with practical experience and successful completion of an examination in advanced skin histology, physiology and techniques. She is also a certified Clinical Herbologist and a Dr. Vodder Esthetician. Angela continues to study and take courses regularly to help her give the best treatments and advice to her guests.

  • Botanicals by the Sea
    (760) 805-3904
    560 Carlsbad Village Drive, Carlsbad, CA, USA

    Hi! My name is Sherry Molling the owner and founder of Botanicals by the Sea. Many years ago as a single mother I decided to try my hand at jams and jelly making.

    It was a great girlfriend gift. That led to more experimenting and eventually to gardening. I discovered a love for herbs and of their natural qualities for cooking, aromatherapy, and healing. I enjoyed the use of natural herbs, fruits, and products beyond the normal uses. I discovered there were other alternatives than a pill or an expensive ointment. As the years went by my skin conditions became a matter of concern. As my problems were not fixed by various doctors I felt it was time to try my hand at creating some of my own natural remedies. As that took off it was time to add more pampering products to my area of expertise. I need to thank my friends and family for all of the testing and experimenting. They always were willing to give something a try no matter how bad it looked or smelled. I do not test on animals only girlfriends, I like to joke.

    As my knowledge increased so did my passion for learning. I researched and began making products that have made a difference to many of you out there. I am grateful for the help of some friends and their expertise in various fields. I would not be here today without them. So, it was time to branch out and share my balms, remedies, and pampering products. My son Taj has been there through thick and thin and only gave a small gasp when I said we were going to be in our very first event. The Carlsbad Street Fair of 2010. A guarantee of over 100,000 people. We had never even set up a booth or raised a canopy! Talk about a learning curve. Thanks to my friends and family that day was a success. We have made many changes and are continually growing, expanding, learning, creating, and evolving.

    My company would not be here today without the support of Ronnie Walker, my daughter Angie, my sister Wendy, best friends Allison and Janene and many more. Cathleen has been a vital part with her advice and pushing to always go to the next level. Her help in 2013 has taken my company so far. A special thanks once again to my son Taj. I know its been hard and I have pushed the envelope, but he has been a tremendous help. A thank you to all of you out there supporting my small business from the beginning and through all of the growth. You keep coming to me with ideas and have pushed me to create new products even when I keep thinking that's enough. In July of 2013 I have added 5 new products. Keep the ideas coming and keep pushing me!

    Cheers! And thanks for reading!
    Sherry Molling

  • Choose Well Coaching
    (858) 692-3262
    538 Via De La Valle, Suite #G Solana Beach, CA, USA

    Meet Ingrid Saenger

    Founder of Choose Well Coaching

    Ingrid was born in Johannesburg, South Africa and came to the states over 30 years ago where she discovered this amazing thing called "fast food". The idea that you could eat, drink, and be merry, all without leaving your car was a foreign concept, but she loved it. It wasn't until she reached her top weight at 203 pounds that she realized the convenience of drive-thru's, were not convenient for her health. At age 30 she hired a trainer and began a journey that lead to a 70 pound weight loss, and a passion for helping people achieve the highest version of themselves. Ingrid prides herself on helping people transform their lives by holding them accountable and being there for them every step of the way.

  • Cryo Shield
    (858) 793-3300
    2670 Via De La Valle, #A220 Del Mar, CA, USA

    Cryo Shield is a San Diego cryotherapy company and the passion project of professional MLB pitcher, James Shields. A huge proponent and beneficiary of whole body cryotherapy treatment, James understands first-hand the difference cryotherapy can make in recovery, athletic performance and overall well-being. In 2015, James and team opened Cryo Shield Therapy in Del Mar in hopes of making this technology available to all San Diegans.

    Whole Body Cryotherapy (WBC) treatments is a cutting-edge 3-minute treatment using liquid nitrogen vapor to help you heal. It’s been found to be more effective and efficient than an ice bath and offers benefits that traditional cold therapies cannot. This anti-inflammatory treatment exposes patients to temperatures between -190 and -256 degrees Fahrenheit for a short duration of time—typically 2 – 3 minutes. In those few minutes a patient’s blood vessels will rapidly constrict and skin temperatures will drop while the core body temperature remains unchanged. The shock to one’s system releases endorphins allowing for an immediate mood-boosting pick-me-up. Once the session is over, blood vessels begin to dilate, blood circulation is vastly improved and oxygen is distributed throughout the entire body. Cryotherapy’s ability to reduce inflammation makes it a popular treatment for athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and often arthritis sufferers.

    Whole body cryotherapy patients come to Cryo Shield for a range of reasons, and it’s certainly not limited to athletic recovery. In fact, many people suffering from debilitating disorders have found their relief with regular cold therapy treatments. Positive results with WBC have occurred when applied to:

    Immune-mediated inflammatory diseases
    Rheumatoid arthritis
    Bekhterev’s disease
    Multiple sclerosis
    Spinal syndromes
    Depressive, anxiety and sleep disorders
    Decreased libido
    Asthma treatment

  • Dr. Corey Lichtman D.C. | Solana Beach Family & Sports Chiropractic
    (858) 876-6300
    538 Stevens Ave, Solana Beach, CA 92075, USA

    At The Active Health & Sports Center we take great pride in providing the finest chiropractic wellness care to our patients. Below is a sampling of the different chiropractic services we offer in our Solana Beach office.

    Chiropractic Care
    Nutritional Counseling
    Corrective Exercises
    Spinal & Postural Screenings
    Lifestyle Advice

  • Dr. Nancy Shah | Licensed Psychologist
    (858) 880-8753
    210 Lomas Santa Fe Drive, Solana Beach, CA, USA

    Dr. Nancy Shah is a Licensed Psychologist with specialized training in EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing), Mindfulness Meditation, Heart Math, and the Tamashii method of profound spiritual healing. She specializes in helping women use difficult challenges such as divorce, parenting and life transitions as a catalyst for deep healing and greater awareness.

    She is a Certified Yoga Instructor (YT200) and meditation teacher and has been practicing yoga and meditation herself in various forms since 1995. Also an Ordained Minister at the Center for Spiritual Healing and a Level II Reiki Practitioner, she helps women live healthier, happier and more fulfilled lives through an integration of many healing modalities.

    She loves doing “walk and talk therapy” and guided meditation on the beach to bring the benefits of nature to the healing journey.

  • Float North County
    (858) 925-6069
    991 Lomas Santa Fe Dr, Solana Beach, CA 92075, USA

    Float North County is 4 tank float center. The tanks have 10.5 inches of water with 1100 lbs of Epsom Salt and a water temp of 93.5 degrees. People float in the tank for approx 60 mins. Floating relieves stress, reduces pain, helps anxiety, recovery and boosts mood.
    Come on in to learn more!

  • Foundation Yoga Center
    (858) 350-3431
    140 Lomas Santa Fe Dr #100, Solana Beach, CA 92075

    Foundation Yoga & Wellness Center was created in 1996 to honor the ancient science of yoga as a pathway into the deeper places of the body, mind, heart and soul. If you are seeking this traditional focus to strengthen, open, calm and awaken your foundation…WELCOME HOME!

    We are a yoga and wellness school committed to helping all level students achieve their goals of flexibility, strength and optimum health. Our wellness center offers bodywork, acupuncture, counseling and family therapy.

  • Global Heart Sanctuary Venue + Co-Work Space
    (858) 436-7248
    731 Highway 101, Solana Beach, CA, United States

    This beautiful,unique, boutique event space is a flexible space available
    for a variety of uses.
    The Sanctuary event venue is ideal for intimate, heart-focused meetups, seminars, workshops, art shows, demonstrations, presentations and retreats.

    This 2000 sq. ft. offers meeting rooms that accommodate 15-22 participants as well as private, group & conference rooms which
    ​can be ​used for breakout sessions.

    Membership Benefits:

    Alternative to noisy coffee shop
    One block to beach
    Easy Freeway Access
    Free Parking
    High Speed Internet
    Meeting Rooms
    Conference Room​​​
    ​All inclusive plans
    Community resource
    Premier Business Address​
    Member Networking Events
    Discounts on Sanctuary Special Events​Walk to Popular Restaurants​
    Boutique Hotel Next Door

  • Goforth Acupuncture and Massage
    (760) 815-6265
    125 N Acacia Ave, Solana Beach, CA 92075, USA

    I specialize in the combination of acupuncture and massage therapy for the treatment of many orthopedic disorders, including neck pain, back pain, sciatica, carpal tunnel, tension headaches, tendonitis, knee pain, arthritis, and shoulder pain. I have also successfully treated many internal medicine conditions, including infertility, migraines, sinusitis, coughs and colds, obesity, eating disorders, stress, anxiety and depression, chronic fatigue, acid reflux, insomnia, menopausal symptoms, hormonal imbalances, and endometriosis.

  • Health From Within Family Wellness Center
    (760) 385-8352
    1818 Marron Road, #103 Carlsbad, CA, USA

    At Health From Within Family Wellness Center, we are committed to taking the time to educate our practice members and our community on the causes of any health problem. Drs. Cordie and Tania Williams are highly trained Holistic Neurological Chiropractors.

    Using advanced computerized technology and more than thirty different techniques, our dynamic team of doctors are equipped to address the root cause of chemical, physical, and emotional stress without drugs or surgery.

    These doctors specialize in Curve Correction Techniques, Activator, Pediatrics, Pregnant Moms, ICPA Webster’s Technique Certified, Veterans with PTSD, those that have digestive problems, Neurological Emotional Technique, Chiropractic Biophysics (CBP), Thompson Gonstead, BGI, Upper Cervical Techniques, Allergy Response Technique, Allergy Elimination Technique, chemical stress release techniques using Society of Wellness Nutritional Systems and Standard Process, Neurological Functional Stretching Technique, and many more.

    We focus our expertise on correcting the cause of disease rather than treating the symptoms.

    We are committed to being at the forefront of the health care revolution so that families and individuals are equipped to make better health choices that lead to the full expression of the intelligence their body was organized with – also known as the body’s innate potential!

  • I Have Today | Diane Forster
    (804) 818-6848
    153 South Sierra Avenue, #1418 Solana Beach, CA, United States

    Take back control
    of your life.
    I would describe what led me to where I am today as a reinvention. I believe I re-invented myself. The way I had been living was hardly “living.” I would get up each day unenthusiastically. I woke up tired and worn out, even before I got out of bed. My relationship with my then husband was non-existent. We barely looked at each other, let alone touched each other. My whole life seemed to be wrapped up in my kids, and I was okay with that. At least then, I could pretend that I didn’t matter because I allowed myself to believe that they were my entire world. The worst part was I couldn’t tell anyone because to the outside world, it looked like I had it ALL! But, my life had no PASSION!

  • In Touch Lounge
    (858) 243-8020
    410 South Cedros Avenue, Solana Beach, CA, USA

    in touch with...Tami
    Tami Carbone has been training and educating women for over 25 years. She has worked as a fashion stylist for Nordstrom, as well as, a national coach and sales trainer for a skincare company. She is the creator of Living Feminine Workshops, coaching, and classes that teach how to increase your magnetic presence and feminine energy. She is a certified life coach, hypnotherapist, and Art of Feminine presence teacher. Her primary area of focus has been Feminine Empowerment.

    Tami Carbone has been training and educating women for over 25 years. She has worked as a fashion stylist for Nordstrom as well as, a national coach and sales trainer for a skincare company. She is the creator of Living Feminine workshops, coaching, and classes that teach how to increase your magnetic presence and feminine energy. She is a certified life coach, hypnotherapist, and Art of Feminine presence teacher. Her primary area of focus has been Feminine Empowerment. Tami is passionate about helping women experience what it feels like to fall in love with themselves, feel sexy, confident, magnetic, creative, and passionate. Her desire is that women have a deeper awareness of their strengths and gifts. Tami wants all women to look into their hearts and ask themselves, “What have I given up on and why?" "If I could , what would I choose to do differently today?” It could be as simple as an expansion of their already amazing life, finding a soulmate, traveling the world, or possibly a career change. She wants women to know all they need is within themselves, they just need to learn how to unlock their feminine power.


    anti gravity massage
    60 minutes. Our uniquely trained and licensed massage therapists will treat you lying face up and fully clothed in our Anti Gravity chair. The chair leaves your body feeling weightless, stress-free, and energized. This works by elevating your feet to be at the same level as your heart. When you achieve this position, you minimize the toll that gravity takes on your body every day. The chair reduces strain on your vertebrae, relieves back pain, improves circulation, and comforts sore muscles. Add in our expert touch and forever change how you experience massage.
    + oxygen - increase energy, decrease stress, headache and hangover relief
    +eye treatment - reduce puffiness and gain a younger softer eye

    in touch with friends
    All the comforts of home without the work! Invite your friends to join you for a night of celebration! Birthdays, Baby Showers, Wedding Showers, etc…mini foot soaks, massages, facials, and make up applications. Each guest will receive an in touch gift bag and 20% off all in store products. You provide drinks and snacks and we provide the fun!
    Mondays and Thursdays 7-9pm

    in touch with success
    guest speakers
    Stay informed and learning from local experts on how you can feel and look your best everyday! Each guest will leave with an in touch gift and 20% off all in store products.

    in touch with love
    living feminine classes
    •Learn how to generate your authentic magnetic presence and speak from a place of centered confidence
    •Have an intimate relationship with a strong masculine presence that adores you and encourages you to express your femininity
    •Feel sensual and sexy without fearing unwanted attention.
    •Start appreciating your body and life even more
    •Start letting the power of attraction work for you
    •Bring back that loving feeling! Learn how to keep or reignite the honeymoon stage in your relationship
    Each guest will leave with an in touch gift and 20% off all in store products
    Every Wednesday 7-9

    in touch with kindness
    One Hour Massage Per Month $60 Value, Always Complimentary Oxygen($10 value) and Under Eye Treatment($5 Value) Always 20% off all in store products.

    in touch with confidence
    life coach
    one on one time with Tami to get more out of your life, living with purpose, and get in touch with your confidence.
    one hour.

  • Leslieane – Healer of Light – Intuitive Integrative Wellness & Healing
    (760) 845-6643
    218 South Cedros Avenue, Solana Beach, CA, United States

    Leslieane's Intuitive Integrative Wellness
    Leslieane was awarded Best of Solana Beach Holistic Medicine Practitioner for 3 years in a row.
    Through her established private practice in Solana Beach, Leslieane assists others as she facilitates transformation. Her mission is to promote wellness and cultivate healing as a Healer, Practitioner, and Educator.
    Leslieane has an intuitive understanding and integrated knowledge of Organic Holistic Chemistry and over 18 years as a Certified Clinical Nutritionist in private practice. Committed to educating those who are serious about living in their Higher Self, Leslieane has been on the cutting edge, the cellular level, of Elemental Holistic Integrative Nutrition. She offers advanced protocols for nourishing your Light Body to assist your body’s own intelligence. Having had three Near Death Experiences (NDEs) and and three returns to human life has gifted and amplified her journey here. To be the visionary, the light, for those seeking their path to Healing and Wellness, is her honor. Contact her to make a commitment to deepen your self-awareness and live the life you deserve.

    Leslieane offers medical intuitive readings, craniosacral therapy, integrative nutrition, purification coaching, mediumship readings/events, transformational intuitive readings, limitless energy healing, and sound healing meditations.

  • Life and Meditation Coach, Satsang House
    (858) 248-0488
    4523 Sun Valley Road, Del Mar, CA, USA

    Satsang House is set on a sprawling acre tucked in the rural part of Solana Beach, California in North County San Diego. This cozy and inviting home sits amongst a beautifully landscaped sea of flowers and an orchard filled with apples, apricots, avocados, macadamia nuts, oranges, peaches, nectarines and plums. Feel free to take a walk along the handmade reflexology path which sits among the zen garden.

    You'll restore your sense of peace the moment you set foot on the property.

    I invite you to join our beautiful community at Satsang House and make it your community. Start with an Introduction to Meditation, gather with us for a retreat, coaching workshop, Community Meditation or event or for Mindful Mondays. Feel free to bring a friend and make it your new habit.

    I look forward to meeting you. Namaste


    Join us at Satsang House and make it your community.

  • Muv Wellness
    (760) 331-3266
    473 Highway 101, Solana Beach, CA, USA

    Chiropractic Wellness, Massage, Acupuncture, Therapeutic Activities, Vitamins and Supplements.

  • Natural Wellness Tips | doTerra | Jennifer Hudgens
    (858) 900-8053
    803 Vanitie Court, San Diego, CA, United States

    Natural Wellness, Essential Oils. I provide people and businesses essential oils and team them how to care for themselves, their families, clients and more... naturally.
    Eliminate toxins in your body, home and business.

    My name is Jennifer Hudgens and I own and operate Natural Wellness Tips. I am a doctor of physical therapy, a yoga instructor, but my passion is teaching people how to support their and their families health naturally through essential oils. I love meeting with individuals or business and sharing this passion. Are you looking to create a more positive environment in your work place? Do you want more energy without having to turn to stimulants? Do you lack focus throughout the day? I can help you! Reach out to set up an appointment and I will come to you.

    My life changed at 25 …After an accident that left me with a new definition of normal I felt like a passenger in my life more then the person actually living it.

    Following this accident the doctors basically told me to get use to my new normal and filling out my permanent disability paperwork……I couldn’t even imagine my life like this…

    -permanently disabled? What about my dreams? I wanted to have a family, be able to travel the world, all of those would be stolen from me.
    -If I listened to them my life as I knew it was over.

    So I did what anyone would do at that point, I went home and cried…a lot!!! I still tear up thinking about how hard this was was for me. But the next day is what made all the difference in my life, I decided to try my own way, a road less traveled.

    I began working with an amazing acupuncturist. I saw her 2-3 days a week to simply help support my body. Then I had a friend ask me to come to her first yoga class, at first I laughed at her and said no way! I can’t even move! But she didn’t give up, she kept asking, so I finally agreed. I am so happy I went to her class. It was so good for my mind and body. I felt the best I had felt in a long time for the hours following that class. It was like a natural high, I was hooked! Yoga became part of my everyday life. I even became a yoga instructor!!!

    I continued working with my acupuncturist regularly and between yoga and acupuncture I felt like I was managing pretty well. I had gone back to work at this point and felt like I had established my new normal.

    Then one day my acupuncturist told me she wanted me to meet another one of her clients who used essential oils. I had full trust in my acupuncturist so I said why not. I met with this lady over coffee. I remember thinking, what did I say yes to, she is crazy, she really thinks essential oils could help me? Something in my gut was telling me to go for it! Saying take a chance, what’s the worst thing that could happen, it doesn’t help?

    So that is where I started my essential oil journey! I am so happy I went with my gut and gave it try. Within two short weeks of using deep blue rub topically and Frankincense internally I felt like my body was finally getting the support it needed. Just a few short weeks later I began taking Lifelong Vitality. That was it! For the first time in as long as I can remember I began to feel like myself again. My body truly had the support it needed. I continued to feel better each day. I am so grateful for these essential oils and the quality they have added to my life. I had truly made my own new reailty.

    – I regained my clarity of mind.
    – Not only was I not disabled but I found a carrer I was extremely passionate about. It fulfilled me in so many ways. I was empowering myself and all of those around me to live a happier, healthier lifestyle
    – My future has never looked so bright. My husband and me have exciting plans with no limit on happiness.

    Let my story, my experience be an example to you in a few ways,

    * It doesn’t matter how devastating your journey has been, you can recover and come back better then ever
    *You and only you can make the choose to pursue the life you want.
    * The life you want is worth the fight, it may not be easy but it will be worth it.
    * Whole living and wellness isn’t only about one area of your life. It is about all areas of your life. This can seem overwhelming but I am here to to help you.
    * Listen to your gut, your intuition, your heart. Follow it. It knows what you need.

    If you know you need to make a 360 in living your best life, taking care of yourself physically, spiritually, mentally, emotionally and you are ready to dive in and do that, I invite you to connect with me.
    I am opening up a handful of spaces to do a mini-30 minute one one one – 360 Wellness Assessment. During this 30 minute call I will…
    1) Help you to discover where you are currently at with your health and wellness. Don’t worry, none of us are perfect!
    2) Look deeper into your top 3 wellness goals and/or challenges and begin to create a plan to help support your body in moving toward these goals.
    3) Begin to create a plan to help support your body in moving toward these goals.

  • StretchLab
    (858) 793-3539
    437 Highway 101, Suite 108 Solana Beach, CA, USA

    StretchLab. The most remarkably simple thing you can do to feel better.

    When you think of stretching, you think of loosening up after a workout, making sure your muscles don’t stay tight. But if you ask anyone who’s ever come into StretchLab, they will tell you that stretching is about so much more than simply feeling better, or having a wider range of motion. Stretching is about reclaiming your freedom. The freedom to move as you want, to be active and engaged in the life you see yourself having, with no pain and no risk of injury.

    All of this happens in an open, friendly and communal space, a space filled with energy, with passion and with trust. You can ask anyone who has come into StretchLab and you’ll get the same simple answer: If you come into StretchLab on a regular basis, you will feel better. It’s that simple.

    Connect with us on social media
    Instagram @stretchlabsolanabeach
    Facebook: @stretchlabsolanabeach

  • Tidewater Chiropractic
    (858) 847-2184
    124 Lomas Santa Fe Drive, Solana Beach, CA, United States

    "Tidewater Chiropractic will surpass the traditional health care paradigm by providing the most complete, specific care possible. Total Body Chiropractic will strive to educate, inform, and guide each individual towards optimal health in the most professional manner possible."

    Dr. Andrew Pierce graduated from St. Cloud State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Biomedical Science. From there he went on to study at Northwestern College of Chiropractic, where he earned his Doctorate degree. Throughout his education Dr. Pierce spent much of his spare time traveling around the United States pursuing advanced course work in biomechanics and rehabilitation, with the goal of providing the most effective, scientifically researched care possible. This extensive education and training brought him the opportunities to intern at some of the most well known clinics in Minnesota as well as the internationally renowned Naural Care Center at Woodwinds Hospital.

    Dr. Pierce believes that establishing rewarding and lasting relationships with patients is important. Working towards goals in health with patients will contribute to their physical comfort, overall health and well-being, and a more enjoyable life.

  • Transformation Haven – Vibrant Coaching with Nina Mercié
    (619) 886-6830
    427 South Cedros Avenue, #203 Solana Beach, CA, USA

    Transformation Haven's Nina Mercié offers one-on-one vibrant life coaching, consulting & development workshops to help the individual bring their best most authentic self to their business, partnership, and to living a vibrant, whole hearted & extraordinary life!"

    Facilitator, Personal Transformation Consultant

    Nina has invested wholeheartedly in her endeavors as a Wellness Entrepreneur and in the fields of Holistic Health and Psychology. She is passionate and dedicated to helping her clients create dramatic positive change, live empowered and authentic lives, and experience deep inner peace and turnarounds in their relationships.

    With thousands of hours of post-graduate and Masters level education and experiences world-wide Nina brings refreshing and dynamic contribution.

    She is trained in disciplines such as Gestalt Psychotherapy, Cognitive Behavioral Science, Addiction Recovery, Meditation, Mindfulness, Hypnotherapy, Yoga, Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Executive Coaching.

    Her work is conducted individually and internationally, personally connecting with audiences from diverse backgrounds and to create lasting shifts.

    She is Founder of the Cognitive-Behavioral Center for Relationship Wellness, Transformation Haven in Solana Beach, CA.

  • Ubuntu Hair Studio
    (858) 792-5959
    109 S Acacia Ave, Solana Beach, CA, United States

    We at Ubuntu Hair Studio aim to shift the way consumers purchase beauty products and services. Our team is built on a foundation of community, passion, contribution and strength. We provide the outstanding opportunity to excel and live out dreams. Our studio is a place to successfully blend personal growth, family commitment, unimaginable careers, and vivacious health. We provide a spark to inspire unity and contribution. We continually strive to uplift the lives of everyone that enters our business: clients, vendors, our neighboring businesses and our community. Our business is a vehicle to affect a global change one client at a time and we are committed to making a global impact by setting our focus on contributing to humanity.
    We are a team united in "I am because WE are".

Solana Beach Business Directory

Chadwell Center For Health
(858) 792-0754
437 Hwy 101, Solana Beach, CA 92075, USA
Shine Natural Medicine
(858) 480-5024
437 Hwy 101, Solana Beach, CA 92075, USA
Simply Natural Wellness
(760) 415-2922
355 N Hwy 101, Solana Beach, CA 92075, USA
Acacia Wellness Center
(858) 794-2725
125 N Acacia Ave, Solana Beach, CA, United States
Ace Accupuncture
(858) 755-5777
530 Lomas Santa Fe Dr, Solana Beach, CA, United States
The Back Bubble
(800) 457-7246
PO Box 1285 Solana Beach, CA
Massage For Well Being
(619) 985-8174
765 Academy Drive, Solana Beach, CA, United States
Stabile Chiropractic
765 Academy Drive, Solana Beach, CA, United States
Parekh Consulting
(760) 805-3309
1028 Via Mil Cumbres, Solana Beach, CA, United States
Dr. Nicolle Z Arnold RN
(858) 750-5988
444 South Cedros Avenue, Solana Beach, CA, United States
Isabel Dawsky
(510) 798-8081
125 N Acacia Ave, Solana Beach, CA, United States
Dragon Style Healing
(951) 440-4566
136 N Acacia Ave, Solana Beach, CA, United States
Zen Med Acupuncture
(760) 580-0650
731 S Coast Hwy 101, Solana Beach, CA, United States
Mind Body Chiropractic
(858) 792-1955
113 N Acacia Avenue, Solana Beach, CA 92075
Advanced Certified Rolfer, Victor Geberin
(760) 317-4794
674 Via De La Valle, Solana Beach, CA, United States
(760) 533-6400
136 North Acacia Avenue, Solana Beach, CA, United States
(619) 921-7733
634 Stevens Avenue, Solana Beach, CA, United States
(858) 350-6290
634 Stevens Avenue, Solana Beach, CA, United States
(858) 481-3500
265 Santa Helena, Solana Beach, CA, United States
(626) 800-9019
116 Solana Hills Drive, Solana Beach, CA, United States
(760) 681-7507
243 Highway 101, Solana Beach, CA, United States
Cardiff Chiropractic Management
777 Hwy 101, Solana Beach, CA, United States
Cedros Ave Natural Health Center
(858) 755-5215
201 Lomas Santa Fe Drive, Solana Beach, CA, United States
Center for Healthy Lifestyle
(858) 436-7502
533 Lomas Santa Fe Drive, Solana Beach, CA, United States
(858) 259-5953
530 LOMAS SANTA FE DR #6 Solana Beach, CA 92075
(858) 436-7490
Jaime Cortez, DC
(951) 440-1171
722 Genevieve St, Solana Beach, CA 92075
Jason Copping, DC
(858) 509-0800
530 Lomas Santa Fe Dr #4, Solana Beach, CA 92075
Planet Avatar – The Avatar Course
(858) 794-7978
446 Santa Helena, Solana Beach, CA 92075
Miriam P. Miller, LAC
(858) 259-1319
112 Dahlia Drive, Solana Beach, CA 92075, Solana Beach, CA 92075
New Life Holistic Center
(858) 509-0800
530 Lomas Santa Fe Dr #4, Solana Beach, CA 92075
Dragonfly Acupuncture
(858) 344-0889
Cedros Natural Health Center, 201 Lomas Santa Fe Dr #410, Solana Beach, CA 92075
Rejuv Center for Health
(858) 568-3442
990 Highland Dr #320, Solana Beach, CA 92075
Purely-Zen Inc.
(858) 245.3625
153 South Shore Drive, Solana Beach, CA, United States
(858) 436-7162
616 Stevens Avenue, Solana Beach, CA, United States
San Diego Family Counseling
(858) 792-8585
341 S Cedros Ave, Solana Beach, CA, United States
Sara Lewis Murre Hypnotherapy 
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125 N Acacia Ave, Solana Beach, CA, United States
Sarah-Jane O’Neil
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427 South Cedros Avenue, Solana Beach, CA, United States
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509 South Cedros Avenue, Solana Beach, CA, United States
135 Hwy 101, Solana Beach, CA, United States
833 South Cedros Avenue, Solana Beach, CA, United States
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129 N Hwy 101, Solana Beach, CA, United States
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731 Highway 101, Solana Beach, CA, United States
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437 Hwy 101, Suite 104 Solana Beach, CA, USA
Tune Chiropractic
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320 South Cedros Avenue, #300 Solana Beach, CA, USA